Funded by
         the Seventh Framework Programme
                              of the European Union


The epsilon project strategy is based on the belief that it is possible to conceptualise and prototype already now the electric urban small vehicle of 2020-2025 through integrative design-research which combines the innovative building blocks available from technology- and component-focused research activities. epsilon will not carry out specific research and development inside the different vehicle elements. Instead epsilon will be integrated into the cluster of running projects (SEAM cluster), where research focus is on innovative solutions by detailed technology and component development. Additionally epsilon will profit from results of previous projects where several consortium members were involved. OPENER and EMERALD will be used directly in the project, while EV-specific architectures and design rules from projects like ELVA and DELIVER will be used as inspiration and guidance for the development of the epsilon vehicle design. The epsilon approach to reach the objectives is using a holistic development focusing on full vehicle architecture and design and making use of state-of-the-art off-the-shelf components and integrating highly innovative components, systems and technologies from other research projects where they will contribute significantly to the epsilon objectives. All these will be included in the epsilon project making full use of functional integration between different systems as a key enabler of an affordable, lightweight architecture.